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  • Alia Bhatt Deepfake Video new updates, Alia Bhatt Deepfake Video breaking, alia bhatt in shock with deepfake video, Ntr

    Alia Bhatt in shock with Deepfake Video 2023-11-28 07:38:15

    Deepfake videos have once again ignited controversy on social media, with celebrities like Rashmika Mandanna, Katrina Kaif, and Kajol being targeted. The most recent victim is Alia Bhatt, as a video circulating online shows her face superimposed onto another women....

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    Virat Kohli breaking news, Virat Kohli matches, virat kohli to miss white ball game in south africa, Ntr

    Virat Kohli to miss white ball game in South Africa 2023-11-29 07:13:02

    Virat Kohli, who emerged as the top scorer in the recently concluded World Cup, will not be participating in the white-ball matches during India's tour of South Africa. This tour commences with a T20 International on December 10 in Durban....

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    Malaysia for Indians news, Malaysia for Indians breaking news, malaysia turns visa free for indians, Ntr

    Malaysia turns visa-free for Indians 2023-11-28 08:08:36

    During his address at the annual congress of his People's Justice Party, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim of Malaysia unveiled a significant policy change regarding entry visas for Chinese and Indian citizens. Effective December 1st, Malaysia will no longer require entry...

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    India Vs Australia match highlights, India Vs Australia scoreboard, india reports 2 wicket win against australia in first t20, Ntr

    India reports 2 wicket win against Australia in first T20 2023-11-24 08:19:07

    In an exciting clash between India and Australia, both teams showcased their skills as they prepared for the upcoming T20 World Cup. India emerged victorious, with Suryakumar Yadav leading the charge with his superb knock of 80 runs. Yadav's innings...

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    Breathing Exercises for Lungs news, Breathing Exercises for Lungs latest, breathing exercises to keep lungs clean, Ntr

    Breathing Exercises to keep Lungs Clean 2023-11-29 10:05:16

    Air pollution has become a significant issue in modern times, and its impact on our health is substantial. In order to maintain our well-being and mitigate the effects of air pollution, such as respiratory problems, it is essential to engage...

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    Narendra Modi at G20 Summit, Narendra Modi news, consensus reached on leaders declaration narendra modi, Ntr

    Consensus reached on Leaders' Declaration: Narendra Modi 2023-11-24 08:52:56

    During a session on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that member countries have come to a unanimous decision on the adoption of the G20 Leaders' Summit Declaration. Modi expressed his gratitude towards the ministers, sherpas, and officials who played...

    Keywords: Narendra Modi news, Narendra Modi, Narendra Modi meetings, Narendra Modi at G20 Summit

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