Sita Ramam Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast and Crew

Sita Ramam Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast and Crew

Sita Ramam Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast and Crew
  • Rating:
  • Director:
    Hanu Raghavapudi
  • Cast:
    Dulquer Salmaan, Mrunal Thakur, Rashmika Mandanna, Sumanth
  • Banner:
    Vyjayanthi Movies, Swapna Cinema
  • Producer:
    Aswini Dutt
  • Music:
    Vishal Chandrasekhar
  • Release Dt :
    Aug, 05 2022


Sita Ramam is the story of Lieutenant Ram (Dulquer Salman) and Sita Mahalaxmi (Mrunal Thakur). Afreen (Rashmika Mandanna) is a student in London who delivers a letter of Sita about her grandfather's health. She does this to get the property of her grandfather. This is the letter written by Ram to Sita. The rest of Sita Ramam is all about the stories of Ram, Sita and the connection between them. Watch Sita Ramam to know about a beautiful tale of love, war and emotions. The film is also set in the backdrop of Kashmir and a major portion of the film is shot in Kashmir and Russia.


Sita Ramam Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast and Crew

Sita Ramam is like a beautiful poem and is a rollarcoaster of emotions and romance. The entire vintage setup is well presented and the director took enough care of the minute things. The technical aspects along with the performances stand out in this romantic tale. The first half of the film is slow-paced and the director took enough time to get into the premises of the story. The characters of Ram, Sita and Afreen are very well written. The songs are shot in a beautiful manner and the interva episodes are gripping. The first half of Sita Ramam is decent.

Taking the help of Balaji (Tharun Bhascker), Afreen stages her hunt for Ram and Sita. The letters love story happens on a parallel note. Sita Ramam is slow paced after the film shifts to Hyderabad. The comedy tracks are not much appealing. Sunil and Vennela Kishore are completely wasted. Some of the emotional episodes are well packed and presented. The climax is the major highlight of the film and the pre-climax episodes are quite gripping. The second half of Sita Ramam lives up to the expectations and Hanu Raghavapudi delivers his promise.


Dulquer Salman is a natural actor and he steals the show with his subtle performance. He is perfect as Lieutenant Ram and took the film to the next level. He is just flawless in the emotional episodes. Mrunal Thakur delivers a stellar performance and she is a perfect match for the role of Sita. She is equally good and challenging with Dulquer. Rashmika plays a key role and she also looked apt for the attempt. Tharun Bhascker is good in a supporting role. Vennela Kishore worked hard to generate good smiles. Sumanth is a surprise and he looked fit and perfect. All the other actors are decent.

Sita Ramam has an interesting script. The novel narration and an impressive screenplay makes the film look better. The dialogues are good and the poetic narration takes the film to the next level. The songs and the background score are matching and they are apt. The cinematography work is excellent. The production values are grand enough and the makers spent lavishly for the film and the locations are too good. Hanu Raghavapudi delivers his promise and he does not disappoint.

Final Word

Dulquer Salman and Mrunal Thakur make Sita Ramam a magical journey and the film is worth watching and please ignore the slow pace if you are watching it.

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  • Sita Ramam Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast and Crew
  • Sita Ramam Movie Review, Rating, Story, Cast and Crew